• The project was within 100 yards of an existing neighborhood, necessitating careful scheduling and a close working relationship with the City's public relations department.
  • Removed of the entire existing SCADA system and installed of a new Citect SCADA system during an eight-week plant outage.

Project included the addition of new chemical systems, including PAC, CO2, Chlorine, Sludge and Caustic; replacement of the entire finish water pump station vertical turbine pumps; the addition of one drying bed to supplement the existing five; a new satellite building; and replacing finsh water site piping and valves. Sundt also replaced the existing plant control system with a new Citek system to automate the plant and upgraded and replaced existing pumps. The seven new pumps have the capacity of 80 million gallons per day (MGD), but 25 MGD is for backup.