Because the site was occupied by existing buildings that were built nearly 60 years ago, the site had a high risk for unforeseen conditions below grade. The County had an option to build out the last housing Pod after Sundt completed the earthwork and underground. Because the costs for unforeseen conditions ended up being minimal, the County exercised its option to build out the last housing unit.

Sundt was the design-builder for this project, which consists of a group of buildings in a "campus" style arrangement with related site developments and utilities. The design reflects the current emphasis on consolidating services such as dining, medical, education and others as much as possible in order to streamline operations and minimize the need for transporting individuals from one area to another.

The housing consists of three 80-bed housing units and one 40-bed housing unit arranged in 20-person modules for a total of 280 beds. Consolidated support facilities include classrooms, common areas, exercise areas, outdoor sports facilities, an intake/booking area, administration/office space, a warehouse and a 47,000-square-foot kitchen. It is also equipped with a state-of-the-art security system.

Prior to beginning construction, crews demolished several older buildings on the 9.7-acre site, which involved asbestos abatement and other site work.
2011 Western Pacific Region Design-Build Award - Best Correctional Facility-DBIA Western Pacific Region