Sundt used its Parametric Estimating Courthouse Module to produce the initial estimate.  The estimate, which was used from conceptual design through 50% Schematic Estimate, was within $100,000 of the two confirming estimates peformed at 50% SD's. This detailed accuracy help drive the cost to budget, eliminating the need for costly redesign.

California's economic problems caused the budget to be lowered substantially three times: from $110 million, to $100 million, to $93 million.  Each time the team rallied, reduced the cost to meet budget, and did not impact the design schedule. 

(under construction) The Kings County Courthouse in Hanford, Calif., is Sundt’s fifth capital project for California’s judicial branch. The four-story building will be located in Hanford’s civic center, where it will serve as an attractive landmark as well as a much-needed replacement for a collection of old, outdated judicial facilities that don’t meet current security standards.

The 144,600-square-foot facility will include 10 courtrooms plus a jury assembly room, subterranean parking structure and an underground tunnel that connects to the nearby county jail. An energy-efficient “thermal mass” HVAC system will make ice at night, when energy rates are lowest, and use it to keep the building cool during the day.

Kings County Courthouse will process criminal, civil, juvenile and family court cases.  Many of the criminal cases will involve inmates from the three nearby state prisons and county jail, who, for obvious reasons, need to be transported carefully and kept separate from judges, juveniles, victims’ families and members of the public who are simply there to pay fines or conduct other official business. The locations of elevators, sally ports, holding cells – even separate seating areas for families of victims and defendants – are being carefully planned and constructed for that reason.