“I found Sundt’s team to be very collaborative. They kept everybody in the loop and well informed."

John Ericksen, Director of Purchasing, Coast Community College District

The new Business, Math & Computer Center Building features one story of architectural cast-in-place concrete topped by two floors of structural steel with metal stud infill framing. The building's exterior skin is comprised of an intricate combination of architectural concrete, exposed structural steel, plaster, metal panels, and curtain-wall. Two lower roofs over single story concrete structures of circular and elliptical shapes, are accessible outdoor spaces comprised of single-ply PVC roofing with green roofs, gravel roofs, composite lumber deck walkways, focused artwork and a large skylight to the interior.


The building is 78,227-square feet and contains 35 administrative offices, a 200-station open computer lab, 11 computer teaching labs for mixed use, nine lecture classrooms for the business and computing programs, 15 lecture classrooms for math, a workroom, lounge/study areas, and two meeting rooms. This project is LEED Silver® equivalent and includes green roofs, glazing for day lighting and views, exterior circulation areas, cross ventilated classrooms, low water use fixtures, recycled materials, regional materials, low-emitting materials, certified woods, 75 percent diversion of waste management, and thermal comfort design.