• 11 Total Buildings
  • 2 CIP Buildings, 6 levels, with Pan Decks
  • 4 Structural Steel Building with CIP basement walls
  • 2 Precast Parking Garages with concrete toppings
  • 1 CIP Underground Parking Garage
  • 1 CIP Post-tension design water storage Tank
  • 1 Structural Steel “Spline” Concourse
  • Project duration 2 years
  • Over 96,000 Cubic Yards

(Under construction.) Sundt is working with a joint venture partner on a large-scale concrete construction package for a replacement Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Denver, Colo. The team’s scope of work includes construction of eleven structures that together will require approximately 96,000 cubic yards of concrete. They include two cast-in-place buildings, four structural steel buildings, two precast parking garages, one cast-in-place parking garage, one cast-in-place water storage tank and one structural steel “spline” that connects the buildings.

The new hospital will be on the same campus as the University of Colorado Hospital Complex in Aurora, site of the former Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center. The project includes a new 120-bed inpatient bed-tower with a 30-bed spinal cord injury unit, plus a separate 30-bed nursing home community living center.