This project from the very beginning was over budget by $3M. The task given to us by the Owner was to find ways to keep the existing scope in the project and still maintain their budget.


15 months of preconstruction and another 12 months after construction started to get through the design packages. Sundt spent approx. 12 months solely value engineering and conducting constructability reviews to get the project within the owner's budget

The Burbank High School project included multiple phases, the demolition of 7 structures and the construction of 9 new buildings and the renovation of 4 existing buildings totaling over 140,000 sf total.  These buildings consisted of 5 barns, greenhouse and laboratory for agricultural education; a new athletic building including gymnasium, dance studio and locker rooms and renovation of existing locker rooms and weight room; a new Career/Technology building including culinary classroom, computer labs, business labs and lecture studio; renovation of an unused building for a new JROTC classrooms and training space; a new softball field and related structures; and a new Band Marching pad.


Band Marching Pad

Softball Field

Ticket Booth

Restroom building

Ag Lab

Farrowing Barn Renovation

Greenhouse Renovation

Breeding Barn

Poultry Barn

Swine Barn

Goat/Cattle Barn

Athletic Building

Gym Renovation

CATE Building

JROTC Renovation


This complex project required construction of multiple structures simultaneously while maintaining utility services and student access to an active campus containing 10 existing buildings and over 1500 students and teachers.  The project had multiple mobilizations across the 70 acres site which required constant coordination between construction and campus activities.

The project schedule included 15 months of PreCon and almost 3 years of construction activities.