This project required an extensive value engineering effort including the evaluation and life cycle cost analysis of over 100 items. One of the largest cost savings was Sundt’s recommendation that the DA facility be separated from the more expensive court facility. The proposed savings resulted in a reduction of cost of more than 20% without reducing scope.

Sundt was the project manager on the Bernalillo County Courthouse, which is seven stories tall with a basement. Its distinctive design is an L-shaped configuration with wings converging on a cylindrical core with open colonnades adjacent to sidewalks. It has a radiating patterned plaza and a four-story atrium on the upper floors. Detention cells are located in the basement and adjacent to courtrooms on the upper floors.

The 272,284-square-foot building rises out of a foundation utilizing auger cast piles and is constructed of structural steel. The first two floors have a split-faced limestone veneer. The building is capped with a bright blue metal, barreled roof that provides an attractive contrast to the cream-colored exterior.

The two-story lobby is accented with split faced stone, polished travertine, ornamental metal and glass railing, woodwork and a patterned terrazzo floor. Innovations include low profile (2 ½”) access flooring and an Integrated Building Management and Control System. The site provided certain challenges due to its downtown location. The project required curb-to-curb construction and sheet piling restraint of excavation adjacent to the streets.

The 80,000-square-foot Steve Schiff District Attorney Building was included as part of the same project. It is named for the late United States Representative; this building located just across the street from the courthouse is the headquarters for the District Attorney and County Attorney offices. The four-story building utilizes the same structural elements as the courthouse and is designed to complement it.