The project site was remote and the closest utilities were over one mile away. The project team decided establishing a well was the best cost-effective method to bring potable water to the site.  The team expedited their survey and Sundt worked with local well drillers to develop an accurate cost model. The well is not only important for the facility, but a key construction activity on the critical path because trucking water to the site was determined to be cost prohibitive.

This Armed Forces Reserve Center consists of six buildings totaling 100,272 square feet and supports the Arizona Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve.

The six buildings include an 18,785 square foot Administration building, 18,530 square foot Unit Storage building, 16,745 square foot Classroom building, 16,037 square foot Administration/Unit Storage building, 15,555 square foot Organization Vehicle Maintenance Facility, and a 14,620 square foot Assembly Hall Facility.

The complex has administrative/operation spaces, vehicle maintenance spaces, a fitness center, a library, training classrooms, storage units, an assembly hall and parking for military vehicles.