The project was canceled due to budget cuts, but then revived with the next administration. Due to the delay, the project escalated in cost and needed to be brought back into budget. No one wanted to lose the original integrity of the design, so all the money that was found was not obvious to the building occupants.

The Arizona State Supreme Court is a four-story, 230,000-square-foot building including appellate courts, libraries, justice offices, and a separate 52,000-square-foot secured parking garage. Sundt was the construction manager of this project.

The entire exterior of the building, including the roof, is rubberized with the exception of the windows and entryways. It is forbidden to punch any holes in the roof without permission from Goodyear, who then sends out people to ensure the puncture point is resealed with rubber.

Some of the building's other unique features are the soundproof wall paneling custom-made from New York. Baseboards are marble. The brass inserts between mahogany panels are 1/4" bar stock to allow for expansion. The building is cooled by two ice chillers, each rated at 175 tons capacity, that make ice during the cool desert nights, which melts during the day to help cool the building.