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At Sundt, we know that having the most skilled and engaged team is essential to success, which is why we created one of the best training, development and continuing education programs in the construction industry.

Sundt’s answer to the craft professional shortage is to grow our own talent. We attract hardworking, motivated people and invest in them. Our Talent Development Program has been carefully crafted to support that objective by providing numerous ways for our employee-owners to grow their skills while advancing their careers. Investing in employees leads to highly skilled, engaged individuals, which in turn creates talented and engaged project teams – a key ingredient for the success of our clients and our shareholders.


Teambuilding 1-resizedLeadership is serious business at Sundt, especially since we’re an employee-owned company. One of the keys to our success is collaborative project teams and a work environment that encourages innovation and continuous improvement.

We provide supervision training and development for a wide range of employees, including craft employees with our Front Line Supervisor program. Sundt has also developed a nationally-recognized leadership program – LEAP (Leadership Excellence Accelerates Performance) - which helps prepare managers for middle and senior leadership roles. Nearly 50 percent of the senior leaders at Sundt are program graduates.

Craft Apprenticeship and Development Training

We recognize that safety, quality and productivity are in the hands of those who install the work, as they impact our ability to consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Sundt is committed to creating opportunities for our people to learn and grow and to be the best they can be.

Sundt is certified by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) as an Accredited Training Unit under the sponsorship of the Arizona Builders’ Alliance/Associated General Contractors. Our craft training and apprenticeship programs utilize the NCCER’s nationally recognized curriculum and programs for heavy equipment operation, industrial carpentry, pipe fitting, welding and ironworking.

Front Line Supervisor Training

Sundt’s Front Line Supervisor training program emphasizes craft development and supports our goal to provide a clear pathway for the craft professional to advance to supervisory and leadership positions. This interactive program provides essential training to significantly enhance the management and leadership skills of our foremen and superintendents in the areas of planning and scheduling, productivity monitoring, team building, continuous improvement, communication and feedback. Our front line supervisors have the most influence over our workers’ safety, quality and productivity, and their leadership and construction management skills are a major factor in Sundt’s success.

Sundt’s craft apprenticeship and development programs are an important part of our company’s career development program. Many of our employee-owners began their construction careers with Sundt directly out of high school and are now superintendents managing multi-million dollar projects.

Professional and Career Development

workshop 1-resizedSundt is committed to the growth and development of its employee-owners, assuring that our people are just as leading edge as our materials, processes and technologies.

Creating and maintaining the industry’s best workforce means doing everything possible to create creating conditions for our employee-owners to be successful. That’s why we launch all new employees with Sundt 101 and 102, a three-day course offered monthly at our headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. Participants learn how the company is structured, the advantages of employee-ownership, what to expect from our excellent health and wellness benefits, Sundt’s commitment to innovation, and much more.

Experience shows that investing in the development of our employee-owners has a direct impact on client outcomes and the company’s performance. Our dedication to the ongoing process of improving employees’ skills and careers takes many forms at Sundt:

Individual Development Plans (IDP) - Sundt’s ongoing IDP process begins as soon as an employee-owner joins the company. The first official assessment happens six months after hire and every twelve months thereafter, with periodic check-ins to review performance, progress toward achieving previously identified goals, and more. Our learning management system allows 24/7 access to goals and other performance assessment information.

Career Planning - One of the most important ingredients for a satisfying career is knowing where you want to go and how to get there. Sundt’s career planning program helps our team members measure their progress against the expectations for their current role and any future roles, and make sure they are getting the learning experiences they need to develop and move forward.

Training Delivery - Our employees are often on-the-go. To keep up with them, we’ve converted many of our training classes to an online format so that they can be completed anytime, anywhere. Meeting our employees’ evolving needs for training formats – not just content – is one of the things that sets Sundt’s career/professional development program apart from our competitors.

Tuition Reimbursement - Education is an investment in the future. Sundt’s tuition reimbursement program invests in the future of the company – and those who will lead it – by enabling eligible employees to continue their formal education at accredited colleges and universities at little to no expense. Some of the fields we encourage employees to consider are construction management, engineering, leadership, business, and more.

Certification Support - Sundt supports all industry-related professional certifications including CPC, DBIA, PE, LEED, and more. We offer cash bonuses to employees who attain these certifications, and we also reimburse costs for sitting exams, renewing certifications, and (in some cases) study materials and prep classes. We have outstanding relationships with certifying organizations such as DBIA, the USGBC, the AIC, and more. Sundt’s commitment to achieving and supporting industry standards is one of the reasons we employ more CPCs than any other contractor and more women CPCs than all other U.S. contractors combined.

Sundt is proud of the commitment we are making to develop the best workforce in the construction industry, and for the career advancement opportunities we provide for our employee-owners.