If you’re experienced in a skilled craft, we want to hear from you today! Positions we typically hire for include: general labor, concrete trades (form setter/finisher), ironworkers, equipment operators, welders, pipefitters, mechanics, surveyors, electricians and many more. Apply today by clicking on available positions listed in this section or submit your information for future consideration. Thank you for your interest in Sundt!
You’ve heard about the skilled labor shortage facing the construction industry. What’s Sundt’s solution? Put simply, it’s to grow our own talent. We attract hardworking, motivated people and invest in them through training and ongoing career development. Investing in employees leads to highly skilled, engaged individuals, which in turn creates talented and engaged project teams – a key ingredient for the success of both our clients and our shareholders. Read on to learn more about the key elements of our Workforce Development approach.


Craft Apprenticeship and Development Training

Sundt believes that our people make the difference. We recognize that safety, quality and productivity are in the hands of those who install the work, as they impact our ability to consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Sundt is committed to creating opportunities for our people to learn and grow and to be the best they can be.

Sundt is certified by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) as an Accredited Training Unit under the sponsorship of the Arizona Builders’ Alliance/Associated General Contractors. Our craft training and apprenticeship programs utilize the NCCER’s nationally recognized curriculum and programs for heavy equipment operation, industrial carpentry, pipe fitting, welding and ironworking.

Sundt’s Front Line Supervisor training program emphasizes craft development and supports our goal to provide a clear pathway for the craft employee to advance to supervisory and leadership positions. This interactive program provides essential training to significantly enhance the management and leadership skills of our foremen and superintendents in the areas of planning and scheduling, productivity monitoring, team building, continuous improvement, communication and feedback. Our front line supervisors have the most influence over our workers’ safety, quality and productivity, and their leadership and construction management skills are a major factor in Sundt’s success.

Sundt’s craft apprenticeship and development programs are an important part of our company’s career development program. Many of our employee-owners began their construction careers with Sundt directly out of high school and are now superintendents managing multi-million dollar projects.

An innovative partnership between Sundt and Central Arizona College (CAC) will soon begin training the next generation of construction professionals.

CAC will offer five pre-employment one-year certificates and one three-year academic apprenticeship program that will lead to certifications, certificates and degrees that prepare students for workforce needs including heavy equipment operator, structural welding, pipefitting, industrial construction and concrete construction technology.

Interested in joining the Sundt team?  Here’s how to get started: